Exotic like the Madagascar itself, rich with profound flavors excites even the most courageous ones, yet a mixture of mildness, elegance and refinement. The vanilla lends an intense flavor and aroma in combination with organic mountain milk – a perfect combination for everyone, forever and for always.

We bring the best for you from the sunny California. High-quality cream with a rich savor of organic Californian walnuts mixed with pure mountain milk. The creamy and aerial combination enchants and gives way to temptation.

With a tender color, rich flavor and good selected hazelnuts from the magnificent sunny areas of the romantic Italy, we present to you the delight for the romantic souls who enjoy in the pretentious, luxurious and the best ice cream savor. An organic cream of Italian hazelnuts with mountain milk – hit for romantics’ taste.

Taste like the color itself, intense and refined creamy caramel. The cream made of Swiss caramel in combination with organic mountain milk is a real hit for those with a sophisticated taste. It is sufficiently sweet to warm you up, and sufficiently cold to revive you.

A classic evergreen, love at first sight between the high-quality sophisticated dark Belgium chocolate and 100% organic mountain milk which fascinates with each spoon. The selected flavor of the Belgium chocolate dates from the 17th century and it is made from high-quality pure cacao. An incredible supplement to your morning espresso.

With the spirit of the Sicilian charm and tasteful pistachios in combination with mountain milk you gain real revival which you can not miss. The organic cream originates form the freshly selected pistachios from the magical Sicily which is the cradle of the most authentic tradition of ice cream making.

With a taste like a desired kiss, the Andalusian strawberry lends an incredible exotic experience, especially for adventure lovers. Each spoon is a real challenge and relish while the creamy texture caress you, puts you to sleep and wakes you up simultaneously. Made of fresh mountain milk this is a real enjoyment.

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